Age might only be a number, but 30 years wore me out

For those of you wondering how my #DirtyThirty birthday trip with Ryan Goff finished up, you can take my absence on my on this blog as a sign. The final few days of our trip out east were very engaging, busy, exciting, and exhausting.

It’s been a week-and-a-half since we returned to Oregon and tonight seriously feels like the first moment I’ve had to sit and pound out some thoughts on the keyboard.

Overall, the entire trip was amazing. Eight straight days of sitting at a Major League Baseball stadium is practically any baseball fans dream come true.

From Pittsburgh to Philly, then DC to New York with a short stop in Baltimore and finishing in Boston, my trip with Ryan took us all over the East Coast. We saw baseball, obviously, but we also saw historic sights and old friends, tasted new beers and new food, walked miles and slept little, met celebrities, talked our way into the NFL Draft, and explored our interests in radio broadcasting.

Looking back on it all, I’d say the most enjoyable ballparks were Orioles Park at Camden Yards, Fenway Park, and PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Easily one of my most favorite non-ballpark moments was getting to meet a broadcasting legend Dan Patrick and his Danettes. We first met up with them at a pre-NFL Draft function and then got to tour their New York studio the next day and chat some more.

Stay tuned to my blog for more tidbits and pictures from the trip. I’ll find time to do a picture blog of the highlights from the trip.

Thanks for stopping by.

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