Work Samples

Broadcast Samples:

Samples of on-air reporting and announcing done by Joey Keeran. Find more samples by visiting my SoundCloud page.

This is a collection of on-camera work done by Joey Keeran. Selections are both recorded and live shots and range from work done in 2005 to 2010.

Video Productions:

PioStream Sports Open:
This is a video I created using Final Cut Express HD. I also used Adobe Audtion to edit the music bed played in the video. The video was used as the opening to all PioStream web broadcasts of Lewis & Clark College sporting events.

Audio Productions:

This is an audio file I produced in 2010 for personal use. It was used as an introduction to the announcing of starting line-ups to an annual flag football game held by my group of friends before the Super Bowl. The file was edited using Adobe Audition and is a collection of 15 or more different audio clips. My main focus was to pair an up-tempo bed with entertaining sound bites to create an energizing open to the starting line-ups.

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