Dirty Thirty Update

Day two of the #DirtyThirty birthday trip brought us to Philadelphia. A six hour ride from Pittsburgh was mainly spent sleeping. After arriving in town, we had time to kill before meeting our host for the evening and going to our second baseball game in as many days.

Ryan and I stopped at what was described by one visitor as “an actual Irish bar!” At least that’s what we overheard her say as she walked in on her cell phone. Sliante featured some good grub and a tasty beer.

Then it was off to burn some calories and see a few sights around the town. Eventually we made it to a brewery that has easily been my favorite of the trip. Nodding Head had about six brews on tap and a display case of more than 100 bobbleheads. The little nodding souvenirs were the most interesting part for me, although the beer was good too. The prized gem, in my opinion, was a Harry Carrey bobblehead. We asked about trading one of the Andrew McCucthen bobbleheads we got in Pittsburgh the day before, but the owner wasn’t in. So, we got his email. He should expect to hear from me soon.

Anti-climatic moment of the day:
After walking about a mile-and-a-half of walking, Ryan and I finally arrived at the Sigma Sound Studio, where such stars as Boys II Men, Patti LaBelle, and Jennifer Lopez have recorded music. We were confident we wouldn’t be able to actually tour the studios, but had high hopes for maybe a glimpse of what was inside or at worst a sign recognizing the historic place (I say historic because we found out about it on my History Channel app). We were obviously disappointed to arrive to a glass building with nothing but dark tinted windows and no identifying marks. In fact we had walked by three times before we realized we had actually reached our destination.

Ecstasy moment of the day:
At our second ballpark of the trip, Citizens Bank in Philadelphia, we had probably our most memorable meal of the trip so far. Fried chicken and a honey donut from Federal Donuts. The chicken was so crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The donut was a gift from the heavens. Slightly crunchy on the outside but, like a sponge, soaked with a delicious honey flavor.

The Phillies won 7-3 on a huge 8th inning and now we are 2-for-2 on the home teams winning. We’ll see if the streak continues tonight as we head to see the Nationals in Washington DC.

Sigma Sound Studio…disappointing

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