Season Wears On While Teams Wait To Play

Bad weather and soggy field conditions continue to be the story of the high school baseball season for the Roseburg Indians. The team had hoped to play today against South Medford, but the game has been postponed until Thursday, April 5. It’s the fourth time the South Medford game has been rescheduled.

I talked with Roseburg head coach Troy Thompson about how all the weather delays will affect the team for the remainder of the season.

The regular season timeline is reaching the halfway point. The Indians are scheduled to play their final game on May 12 and the OSAA cutoff date is May 17. So far, Roseburg is 6-1 overall. That’s a total of seven games played out of 25 games scheduled. That means they’ve played less than a third of their scheduled games and have a little over a month to get the rest in. If they had been able to keep to their original schedule, the team would have played 12 games by now.

Despite the limited time, Coach Thompson says they will still take any chance they can get to be out on the field, whether it’s a league opponent or a previously scheduled non-league game.

Keep up to date with the latest on the Roseburg baseball schedule at and tune in to tomorrow’s game against South Medford (WEATHER PERMITTING) at 4:15 P.M. on Fox Sports Radio 1490 The Score.

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