The Perfect Champion


It became clear, early in the season, that the Foul Tips softball team was something special. Carried by suffocating defense and a bountiful offense, the Tips raced to an undefeated record in the regular season and a number one seed for the playoffs.

With stellar defense behind him, star pitcher Lucas (blue shorts) finishes off another inning.

A blazing sun and subtle blue filled the Sunday morning sky.  A healthy sweat already covered the brow of many on the field, despite the early start time. The first playoff opponent was a familiar one, as the Tips squared off against their previous week’s adversary, Pitches & Throws.

Down a key player or two, Pitches & Throws succumbed to their previous week’s fate and proved to be just a warm-up for the Foul Tips. After the final strike of the game, the Tips had put together their highest offensive output of the season, winning 43-11. Sharp defense, along with pinpoint accuracy, created a dangerous combination.

Hitting for the (imaginary) fences, the Tips continue to crush the ball

A little grub while the team waits to find out their championship opponent.

Intermission hit as the day neared the 90° mark. The Tips now had the chance to rehydrate, refuel and relax. Their final opponent would be decided in the next game. INTOXICATED and Flock of Softballs matched-up as the #2 and #3 seeds, respectively. The winner would get the chance to dethrone the perfect team. It was a evenly contested game between the two teams, but Flock of Softballs played a nearly perfect game to come out on top and make their way to the championship.

The championship match-up was set and the season was coming to a close. In the midday heat, the Tips took the field first. Flock of Softballs had shown in the previous game that they were capable of finding the gaps in a defense, but a base-running error ended up costing them a chance at a quick start to the game. They pushed across one run in the top of the first and it was now the Tips chance to get on the board.

The Foul Tips took the lead in the bottom of the first, plating three runs. It was the leak before the dam broke. The bats continued to pop and the Tips eventually widened their lead to a commanding 20-1 and won the championship, 20-2.

It was a great season for this ragtag group of ballplayers. There were some close games. There were some blow-outs. But they were all fun times. Here’s to the undefeated champions of the Sunday summer co-ed league at Fernhill Park.


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