A Perfect Season Is On The Line

You won’t see champagne flowing. I don’t think Mercury Morris is going to be protesting at our game. But the Foul Tips take the field today to try and finish off an undefeated regular season.

Mercury Morris, RB for the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins

Last week the Tips had a challenge set before them. Sitting at 5-0, we squared away against another unbeaten team. The Flock of Softballs were 4-0 and tied with the Foul Tips at the top of the standings.

There was rumor that the Flock of Softballs may not have been at full strength, but the Foul Tips were missing a few key pieces as well.

We had just the right number with 10 players, with the twins, Nick and Nate, and a couple of our lovely ladies, Jamey and Josie, not at the field. Despite our missing comrades, the game went smoothly. A 23-11 victory put the Tips in sole possession of first place and locked up the number one seed for the playoffs.

There’s another tough draw this week, as another top tier team steps to the plate. A perfect season is on the line. This is the stuff legends are made of, right Mercury?

Last Week: 23-11 W vs Flock of Softballs

This Week: Foul Tips (6-0) vs. Pitches & Throws (3-3)

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