The Foul Tips Stay Atop The League

It’s been two weeks since the last softball update. You’ll have to forgive me, I immediately went on vacation after the the games two weeks ago.

Shawn Barnes smashes a pitch

But no worries, your wait will most definitely be worth it. Over the last two weekends the Foul Tips, my co-ed softball team, has kept its record unblemished. Now at 5-0, we are sitting atop the standings, but still tied with Flock of Softballs who are 4-0.

This past weekend posed, by far, our most difficult challenge. We entered the weekend undefeated and coming off a fairly easy 19-4 win from the previous week. Scheduled for a late double-header, it was going to be an important weekend.

What a beautiful day at the park

It was a beautiful weekend for softball, with only a few clouds splattering the pure blue of the afternoon sky. A slight breeze would occasionally sweep up clouds of infield dirt and cool our sweat stained brows. Filled with confidence, the Foul Tips took the field never expecting to give up a nine spot in the first inning.

Grumblings could be heard in the dugout, as the home team walked in after giving up the max number of runs for one inning. “That’s a first.” “This team is good.” “I think we might actually lose this one.” Just a sampling of the mutterings from the bench.

Surprised but not succumbed, the Tips kept with it. By the fifth inning we had climbed the insurmountable mountain and taken the lead. But Can I Hit That? wouldn’t give up that easily. Trailing 21-18, Can I Hit That? rallied to tie the game in the 7th, the final inning of regulation. With the final at-bats and momentum on their side the Foul Tips captured their fourth win of the season on a sac-fly plating yours truly.

A feast fit for the ball park

A short intermission with BBQ’d hamburgers and hot dogs would be the only thing to break the winning streak. The Foul Tips would easily win their second game against Del Toro Anitpasto 29-7.

Next week the Tips will look to firmly secure first place and take on the other perfect team in the league, Flock of Softballs. It will likely be another test of strength, strategy and skill.

Last Week: W 22-21 vs. Can I Hit That?, W 29-7 vs. Del Toro Antipasto

Next Up: Foul Tips (5-0) vs. Flock of Softballs (4-0)

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