Rain + Sunday = No Softball

Quite possibly the most disappointing words uttered during softball season,”today’s games canceled due to weather.”

Foul Tips 2011Underdog Softball

After starting out our co-ed softball season last Sunday, the Foul Tips have been postponed for this week. We started out nicely, with wins in both games of our opening double-header. Currently, the team stands in a tie for first place with a 2-0 record, but we’ll now have to wait another week to try and improve.

So, with the rainout this week, I now have to find something else to occupy my day. It really is nasty outside. I should probably do some housework. But instead, I’ll probably lay on the couch, watch the US Women in the World Cup Finals and play some video games.

This rain has really put the kibosh on the weekend plans. Golf was canceled yesterday, softball today. I guess Mother Nature decided I needed a lazy weekend. Until next week’s game, keep your balls dry.

Last week: W 11-6 vs INTOXICATED, W 20-5 vs P Phunks

This week: vs Pitches & Throws (1-1) – Rained Out

Next week: vs Pitch Slap-Indy #1 (1-2)

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