Super Rugby Final – Reds 18, Crusaders 13 (Final)

Digby Ioane Celebrates the 2011 Super Rugby Championship

Ah, Crusaders! You ended up on the wrong side of this one. The home field advantage was a huge boost to the Reds.

Even though the Crusaders came up short, it was a final well worth staying up all night for. Such an exciting event with such a buzz around it. This is a sport that I believe the US would really be able to get behind, especially with the NFL lockout looming.

Ioane scored the winning try for the Reds

In the end, just too many mistakes and missed opportunities for the Crusaders. The lost line-outs were killers! The boys played hard, but came up just a bit short. Good season Crusaders, you played with heart and brought a lot of pride to a region of New Zealand that so desperately needed it.

Congrats to the Reds, they were tops in the regular season and topped their season with a championship.

And now it’s on to World Cup Rugby. That should be exciting. Let’s go All Blacks.

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