Welcome To Beervana.

Summer's on it's way!

Well, the sun has been peaking out here in Portland and you know what that means. People will start wearing shorts, although it’s still only 58º outside. I’ll hate being stuck in front of a computer all day, way more than I already do. And I inevitably end up a slight shade of red.

Most importantly though, it means the nights will last longer as the sun stays out later. Portland is known for its youthful feel and abundance of microbreweries. Two things that I absolutely love. As spring commences and summer approaches, I start thinking about leisurely evenings spent drinking beer and chatting with friends on the patios of some of Portland’s more unique establishments.

Of course it shouldn’t all be fun and games. Since there are so many microbreweries in Portland, there is a significant list of venues that I have yet to visit. I want to put together a “To-Do” list of sorts, breweries that are must visits in the Portland area.

I could always go for a Black Butte Porter

A quick Google search led me to the website portlandbeer.org (@portlandbeer). They have a great list 20+ breweries in the Portland area, some of which I have already attended and many others which I am now planning to visit. My goal this summer is to hit-up as many of these establishments as possible, starting now.

I’ll be keeping you up to date on the summer project, but I’d like your input. Tell me about the breweries you love and why. Maybe we can share some memories of what makes these lovable places so…well, lovable. And if you’re headed somewhere fun, let me know. Maybe we can meet for a pint.


Check out the list of Portland breweries here.

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  1. sam says:

    Let’s hit some up!

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