Don’t be alarmed! We’re all ok.

Okay, so apparently more people have been reading these blog posts than I thought. We appreciate the concerns, but rest assured, everyone’s fine.

We’ve been doing some climbing and were finally able to cross some routes off the list in Matt’s guide book. We climbed “The Blob”, “Trashcan Rock” and “Atlantis Wall”. Matt got to lead some trad routes and Cailey and I were content with top ropping the routes after him.

We’ve hit the hiking trails and walked to the summit of Ryan Mountain, seen the Wall Street Mill and checked out the Cholla Cactus Garden. We learned a lot about the history of Joshua Tree National Park and the people, plants and animals that live here.

It’s been a fun time camping and spending some time away from “the grind”. Southern California didn’t quite come through on the weather we hoped for. While most days have been sunny, a bitter cold wind has kept us with layers on. We even encountered snow again as the skies let loose last night.

Now comes the hard part. We must return to the real world and even worse, face the extremely long drive home. We’ll keep in touch from the road. We’re getting started bright and early at 6:00 AM.

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