Welcome to Matt’s Marshmallow Market!

Who’s that making the “squish, squash” noise this morning? Oh, it’s me. It’s me.

Last night brought us a rain storm of epic proportions and my Wenzel tent just wasn’t up to the task. Mixing torrential downpours with gale force winds equals my little pup tent getting soaked to the core.

Thankfully, it did enough of the job so that most of my stuff remained dry. Only the foot of my sleeping bag was fully soaked and I quickly learned to keep my toes curled up.

Alterations have been made to my tent this evening. The addition of a classy blue tarp will add as a layer of defense if needed to tonight.

Once I dried out and we finished breakfast, we headed out on our first climbing day of the trip. We had found an area with some basic climbing and thought it would make for a good starting area. We were right. It was exactly what we needed.

Apparently we were a bit rusty, because a simple 5.2 route took us all day to complete. We started out with good intentions of completing a few routes today, but it just didn’t happen.

Thankfully we’re here all week and we’ll give it a go again. Tomorrow we plan to do a hike and maybe a climb. We’ll see what happens.

Around the fire tonight we battled to stay warm as the clear skies dropped the temperatures to the point that we could see our breath before sunset. We had camp stove pizza and discussed our newest business venture, Matt’s Marshmallow Market.

“Hi, I’m Matt Branch, owner and CEO of Matt’s Marshmallow Market! I’m currently overstocked with marshmallows of all shapes and sizes and I’m passing the savings on to youuuuu!! So come on down to Matt’s Marshmallow Market on route 99 in Whikipaw.”

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1 Response to Welcome to Matt’s Marshmallow Market!

  1. Dad says:

    Hey Joe, How is it going down there? Just been raining here. Sounds like some good climbing and time to ponder some business (?) ideas. I think the world already has plenty of those sugary lumps. Waiting for a new post!!
    later, DAd

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