Tents Are Pitched, Let’s Make Camp

It was nearly 24 hours after we started, but we made it to Joshua Tree National Park. It’s never fun setting up camp after dark. It’s even less fun when it is 1:00 AM, you’ve spent over 20 hours in a car and you’re fighting 40 MPH winds.

Nonetheless, we managed to get settled in to our home for the week. The weather is not quite as we expected, but it’s slated to improve slightly. The sun is shining and would be producing pleasant temperatures, but the aforementioned 40 MPH winds cut straight to the bone.

So far we’ve checked on some climbing sites while getting our first glimpses of the park. It’s definitely a desert. I don’t think they’ve gotten much rain recently because there’s not much blooming as of yet. The park is aptly named, because there are Joshua trees everywhere. The rock climbing looks like it should be fun. There is a wide variety of routes that should provide days of entertainment.

Right now, we’re headed in to the town of Joshua Tree. As should be expected, there is a few small items we need to pick up.

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