Why do you watch sports online?

With my inaugural post here on my sparkly new blog, I wanted to address something that has quickly become near and dear for me, watching sports online.

Obviously the Internet is a wonderful tool that equally entertains, educates and distracts us on a daily basis. The web has brought insider access to the sports masses. It used to be that you had to be working in the clubhouse, writing for a newspaper  or be very well connected to know the ins and outs of what went on everyday in the world of sports.

Now, the world wide interweb has you covered. ESPN.com, SI.com, Yahoo!, Twitter, blogs, hell even TMZ!, they are all constantly bombarding you with the newest headlines. With all this online access, we’ve also been given the availability to watch sports from the comfort of our own lap.

As a sports fan, I’ve been a subscriber to MLB.tv for the past four years or so. I subscribe because, as a Chicago Cubs fan based in Portland, Oregon, I don’t get to watch games as often as I’d like. I’ve also recently decided to ditch cable to save a bit of money. Which has led me to rely on the Internet and sites like ESPN360, for viewing entertainment.

As a broadcaster, last fall marked my first ever “webcast” of a live sporting event. I’m currently involved with producing PioStream, the online broadcasts of Lewis & Clark College sporting events. Needless to say, I have now become very interested in what draws people to watching a sporting event online.

So what draws you to the much smaller screen to watch your sports? Is it convenience? Is it because the event you want to watch isn’t offered over mainstream outlets? If you’re like me and have cut costs and cut cable, would you pay to watch a sporting event online?

Feel free to leave comments on why you watch sports online and what makes it appealing. And thanks for checking out the first installment of my new blog. I hope it will prove entertaining. – Joey Keeran

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